Close-up view of books in Anthony Hogg’s vampire collection. Picture: Anthony Hogg.

On my blog’s about page, there is an allusion to a plan for my personal collection of vampire books: “A strong advocate for vampire scholarship, he hopes to donate his vampire book collection to a library for other vampire scholars to access someday.”1

The “his vampire book collection” line links to my book catalogue on LibraryThing.2 Almost all of it is non-fiction vampire books. That said, it would make sense to build a fiction collection too.

In the absence of a designated library, I’ve decided to make my collection the official collection of the Vampire Studies Association (VSA). Henceforth, any new items I now receive3 will now count as library acquisitions and will be covered as news items on this website.

I am not sure of the proposed collection’s name yet. The Anthony Hogg Collection? VSA Library? VSA Library and Archive? I will think of something. In terms of a designated location and access, that is also something I will also work out in due time. It may even be possible to have different branches…

To distinguish the books from regular copies, especially if the collection is ever dispersed, I am considering inserting book plates inside the front covers.

If you’d like to contribute to the proposed collection, consider donating. For more on donating to the VSA, visit our donations page at Donations will be credited to the sender in the catalogue.

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  3. Not counting PDFs received from publishers for Journal of Vampire Studies book reviews. ↩︎

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