If you would like to assist our work at the Vampire Studies Association (VSA) through donation, there are two forms of donation we accept.


The VSA is a not-for-profit organisation primarily funded through membership fees, remittances from publication sales and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by our president/founder. If you would like to donate funds to the association, use the following link. Choose Australian currency for donations.

Please note: donations are not tax deductible as the association does not meet the criteria requirements for non-government deductible gift recipients (DGRs).

Donations do not automatically grant VSA membership. If you would like to join the VSA, visit our membership page.


Would you like to donate relevant books or other materials to the VSA? We may accept them, but will discuss suitability first. Send us an email about your proposed donation through our contact page. Choose the Donations option in the subject field.

Do not send unsolicited material.