I recently announced that “I’ve decided to make my collection the official collection of the Vampire Studies Association (VSA). Henceforth, any new items I now receive will now count as library acquisitions and will be covered as news items on this website.”1

Yesterday, our first acquisition arrived: it was a copy of the latest issue of Journal of Vampire Studies—our own publication! It was ordered on May 25, days before I posted the statement on my collection’s conversion.

The first acquisition of the planned Vampire Studies Association library, following the initial announcement of its inception. Photo: Anthony Hogg.

On seeing it “in the flesh,” our Secretary Treasurer voiced her displeasure with the cover’s look, preferring the “red” cover used for previous issues. Ah well. Can’t win ’em all.

The first two volumes of the Journal of Vampire Studies had notably different covers from the third. Photo: Scott Miscall.

To keep association costs low, I’ve typically received copies of the journal as gifts on request—Christmas or birthday (this was the latter)—but now I am instituting a deposit policy; that at least one copy must be purchased for the association’s collection as part of our association spending. Might as well formalise the process.

This particular issue’s available online for free,2 but the print version can be purchased through various online retailers.

  1. Anthony Hogg, “Plan for an Association Library,” Vampire Studies Association, May 31, 2024, https://vampirestudies.org/2024/05/31/plan-for-an-association-library/. ↩︎
  2. To view it, visit https://archive.org/details/journal_of_vampire_studies_3_2023. ↩︎

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