One of the foundation stones of the Vampires Studies Association (VSA) is networking. Our affiliates program “involve[s] mutually sharing links to our respective organisations, potential collaborations, relevant promotions and referrals.”1

To that extent, we have our first affiliates listed, but not the first one to express interest in joining our network. More on that later.

In the meantime, I am proud to welcome Montréal Monstrum Society and The Hauntologist to the VSA affiliates fold. Both joined today. A link to our website already appears on the latter site.2

Screencap excerpt from The Hauntologist’s “Horror Studies Resources” page. Picture: Anthony Hogg.

Both outlets are run by noted horror scholar, Kristopher Woofter, whose work will appear in our journal’s upcoming annual bibliography.

If you’d like to discuss being a member of our affiliates program, visit for details.

  1. “Affiliates,” Vampire Studies Association, accessed June 12, 2024, The affiliates idea was mainly inspired by the American Historical Association’s “Affiliated Societies” page. See ↩︎
  2. See “Horror Studies Resources,” The Hauntologist, accessed June 12, 2024, ↩︎

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