Yesterday, I mentioned “we have our first affiliates listed, but not the first one to express interest in joining our network. More on that later.”1

The first one to actually express interest in joining our affiliates network was actually the Open Graves, Open Minds Project. They’ve been added to our affiliates list today. The holdup was caused by me waiting for them to confirm certain details (namely, the accompanying description to post with their listing).

As part of the “mutually sharing links” aspect of our network, our organisation is now listed on their website.2

Screencap from the Open Graves, Open Minds Project’s homepage showing the Vampire Studies Association’s listing in the Project’s Related Links sidebar. Picture: Anthony Hogg.

There are a variety of other organisations I’ve also contacted to join our network. If you’re interested, visit for details.

  1. Anthony Hogg, “Our First Affiliates (Sort Of),” Vampire Studies Association, June 12, 2024, ↩︎
  2. See Related Links sidebar on Open Graves, Open Minds, accessed June 13, 2024, ↩︎

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