The Vampire Studies Association website was in maintenance mode from May 3–24, 2024. Screencap: Anthony Hogg.

Originally launched on December 8, 2019, the association’s website was little more than a landing page.1

It was created with Automattic’s Ixion theme by our then Operations Co-ordinator, Erin Chapman, in order to get the ball rolling on our website presence. Here’s the placeholder text it displayed until May 3rd this year:

Welcome to Vampire Studies Association. Our mission is to establish vampire studies as a multidisciplinary field by promoting, disseminating and publishing contributions to vampire scholarship.

Many exciting things are on the horizon for the Vampire Studies Association in 2020. We will be publishing our first journal, formally launching our website, and opening membership to the public. Rates are yet to be determined.

In the meantime, if you would like to contact us, please reach out to us on through our Facebook page or on Twitter.

For the record: (1) the first issue of our journal was published on December 17, 2020,2 (2) membership is open to the public (visit this link for more info), and (3) our current rates are $5 for Australian residents; $6 for international members.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been meaning to update this website for a long time. The delay was caused by a heady blend of distractions and perfectionism. But I’m glad I mustered up enough will and focus to complete the overhaul (even if my announcement was a little too optimistic).

So, after extensive tinkerings with a dummy site in my WordPress account, viewing countless association websites for inspiration, exchanging lots of banter with DeepAI’s AI Chat and OpenAI’s ChatGPT over website content and menus, this is the end result. I’ll be following up with more posts about our new website features. Use the Subscribe feature in the sidebar to be notified of future posts.

In the meantime, have a browse and tell me what you think. Choose Feedback in the Subject field. Be mindful that some areas, like Courses, CFPs and Events are currently empty, but hopefully not for long…

  1. To view the previous version of the site, see Vampire Studies Association, archived May 3, 2024, ↩︎
  2. You can find it on Amazon and various other outlets. ↩︎

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